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Acquisition of SC Holdings Co., Ltd. by NSSK

Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko is pleased to announce the acquisition, through an acquisition vehicle, of SC Holdings Co., Ltd. ("SCH" or “the Company” (

SCH is a leading operator of nursing homes and assisted-living facilities for seniors with a primary presence in the Greater Kanto area of Japan. With over 120 facilities that operate primarily under the “Furusato Home” and “Anshin Home” brands, SCH differentiates its service offering through provision of high quality nursing care services at attractive price points.

NSSK will provide NSSK’s Value Up Program (“NVP”) to SCH to implement global best practices including accounting and finance, compensation and performance review programs, and funding and ROI analysis around new facility openings. NSSK is partnering with SCH’s existing management team, that will continue to run the Company.

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Acquisition of Majority Stake in Kantoku Global Corporation

Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko ("NSSK") is pleased to announce that today a holding company controlled by funds advised by NSSK completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Kantoku Global Corporation, Ltd. ("KGC" or “the Company”

KGC is a family-owned company founded in 1968 and based in Saitama Prefecture, that purchases Japanese branded used trucks and industrial machinery from major Japanese companies in the logistics, leasing and manufacturing sectors. After purchasing the vehicles and machinery, the Company maintains, de-manufactures or disassembles them into component parts in Company-owned factories (located in Saitama Prefecture and Tochigi Prefecture) and sells them to third parties, primarily dealers of second hand vehicles in emerging markets.

NSSK will provide NSSK’s Value Up Program (“NVP”) to KGC to implement global best practices in sourcing, supply chain, sales force productivity, finance and accounting, among others and support its future expansion. KGC’s existing management team will continue to manage the Company and will retain a minority stake.

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Definitive Agreement to Acquire Meotoiwa Paradise from Nagoya Railroad

NSSK is pleased to announce that today it entered into definitive agreements to acquire Meotoiwa Paradise Co, Ltd. ("Meotoiwa Paradise"; from Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd.

Meotoiwa Paradise, is in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, and on a tour bus route from Ise Shrine. It is a shopping and entertainment arcade development that includes souvenir stores, restaurants and shops selling seafood and other local products. Contiguous with the arcade is Futami Sea Paradise, an aquarium which is famous for the close and personal encounter and interaction with walruses, seals and other marine mammals.

In close cooperation with local businesses, financial institutions and governments and in partnership with the employees, NSSK plans to help revitalize the business. The corporate carve-out investment in Meotoiwa Paradise illustrates NSSK's commitment to invest in local businesses with high growth potential in Japan's regional economy and represents its strategy of investing in businesses well positioned to benefit from increasing domestic and overseas tourist activity.

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Yasuhiko Matsunaga Joins as Senior Advisor

NSSK announced today that Yasuhiko Matsunaga joined the organization as Senior Advisor. NSSK will benefit greatly from his extensive experience in finance.

Mr. Matsunaga started his career with the Industrial Bank of Japan, where he worked mainly on forex dealing and M&A advisory for 24 years. Since 1993, he had served as the Forex Chief Dealer for three years. Thereafter, he worked for IBJ Securities, Shinko Securities, and Mizuho Securities as Senior Executive. Since 2011, he had served as Head of Investment Banking and Head of Global Markets at Tokai Tokyo Securities. Currently he is the President of Tokai Tokyo Investment, a venture capital arm of Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings.

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Shinji Yamada Joins as Regional Operations Leader

NSSK announced today that Shinji Yamada joined the organization as Regional Operations Leader. NSSK will benefit greatly from his extensive experience in M&A advisory and management consultancy.

Mr. Yamada started his career with Mitsubishi Bank Ltd., where he worked in Japan and the US for 9 years and earned his MBA from the University of Chicago. Thereafter, he worked for Bain & Company as a management consultant, and then served as an M&A banker at Deutsche Securities, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities, Shinsei Bank and Tokai Tokyo Securities for 15 years. Currently, Mr. Yamada is the CEO of Intelligence Advisory Ltd., an independent advisory firm.

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Izumi Ogura Joins as Senior Advisor

NSSK announced today that Izumi Ogura joined the organization as Senior Advisor. NSSK will benefit greatly from his extensive experience in both government and private financial sectors.

Mr. Ogura started his career with the Bank of Japan, where he worked mainly in the Money Market Operations Department and the Foreign Exchange Section of the International Department for 12 years. Thereafter, he worked for Dresdner Bank for about 10 years and then served as senior executive officers at Aozora Bank and Shinsei Bank for 11 years. During 2011-14, Mr. Ogura served as Head of Financial Service Industry for Abeam Consulting Ltd. and led approximately 300 consultants of the division.

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Capital and Strategic Alliance with US.Mart Corporation

NSSK is pleased to announce its first investment in Mie-prefecture based US.Mart Corporation (Ise, CEO: Yoshihiro Taguchi, US.Mart is a leading owner and operator of indoor playground facilities (over 90 facilities throughout Japan) and franchisor of 100 Yen stores. NSSK and US.Mart entered into a definitive agreement on December 17, 2014 whereby NSSK will acquire a controlling interest (70%) in US.Mart and enter into a strategic alliance agreement with the company.

The company is looking to continue its expansion in Japan and will begin its international expansion into selected Asian markets. Given its rapid growth and future expansion plans, Mr. Taguchi has decided to engage with NSSK to help execute its strategic objectives by implementing NSSK’s NVP program throughout its operations.

NSSK will drive the company’s growth by enhancing operations of existing stores as well as accelerating new store opening through NSSK’s business network.

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Our Office is Open

We are pleased to announce the opening of the Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko Ltd. (NSSK) office at Atago Green Hills, Mori Building, 17th floor. We welcome all visitors to come hear the NSSK story.

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